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First review of True Family, by Neaux Rell Idea

We just received this great first review of True Family before the showing at this years New Orleans Film Festival on October 15th.

Before watching “True Family”, I had never heard of Meschiya (I ought to be shot). I knew of bands like Tuba Skinny (who were nice enough to let me use their music for my #TeamNOLAFilm podcast), but that was about it. Knowing what I know now, I’m hit with a wave of sadness that there was a whole musical community in the area that I was unaware of – This was followed by absolute happiness when I discovered her album on Spotify. But what really impresses me here is how, through this singer, we are given a novel glimpse of a thriving young creative crew.
– Bill Arceneaux on October 11th, 2012

Offbeat magazine

We are proud to see that the True Family screening is mentioned in the offbeat magazine.

Of particular note is True Family, a documentary about Meschiya Lake and the experience of performing on Royal Street. The film screens outdoors at the Mint Monday, October 15, following interviews of Lake by Brian Boyles and a performance by the Little Big Horns.

Offbeat magazine, online version 09 October 2012