Director – Tao Norager

Copenhagen based Danish filmmaker.
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark 1974.
Graduate from The Danish Advertising school
and The Short and Documentary Film School.

In 2008 Tao started the creative collaborative Roaddox with editor/producer Wiebe Van der Vliet. Roaddox primarily produces films about creative people or processes, and uses the new media as it’s platform.

Together they have made the Fashion documentary “Bible Black – Five days with Andrew Mackenzie” and several short productions in New York as “It’s On” about the independent animation film producer Patrick Walsh and “High Before Homeroom”, about debutant author Maya Sloan.

Amongst other projects Nørager has directed several shows for fashion designer Andrew Mackenzie in Milan and taught film and photography students in the subjects concerning concept development and creative advertising.


Producer and editor – Wiebe van der Vliet

Copenhagen based dutch film editor/producer.
Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 1970.
Studiet editing, at the Dutch film and television Academy from 1989-1993.
Early in his career he was part of the team that won an Oscar for the dutch film, Antonia’s Line.

Wiebe edited the original museum films for the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam which have been playing since 1999.

After working in the dutch film industry for several years Wiebe started working in Copenhagen. In Copenhagen he founded the Web Video Academy, together with TV-Glad. In 2008 Wiebe started working together with Tao Nørager under the name Roaddox.

Other work includes:
Generation 2000, doc. (co-editor), director Gilles Frenken,
Qui Vive, feature (sound editor), director Frans Weisz
Mrs. Dalloway, feature (sound editor), director Marleen Gorris
The Luzhin Defense, feature (NLE assistant), director Marleen Gorris starring John Turturro and Emily Watson.
Men are dogs, feature (first assistant) director Kees van Oostrum starring Liev Schreiber and Jean Tripplehorn.