From the ravages of a devastated post-Katrina New Orleans, a newfound hope emerges in the form of a free-spirited young woman with a big voice.

Meshiya Lake has been a runaway, train-hopper, mud-wrestler, glass-eater in the traveling circus and cross-continent traveler and now she has found a home and community in the birthplace of jazz… New Orleans.

Meschiya Lake – and a voice the likes of which has not been heard since Bessie Smith – busking the streets of French Quarter for tips.

Seeking refuge from a drug addiction, Meschiya found herself in a New Orleans much changed from the one she had fallen in love with years earlier.

Along with Meschiya, we meet her new found “family” – a community of jazz loving swing dancing young musicians who refused to give up on the city so many others had abandoned.

An unflinching, inspiring portrait, True Family shows us New Orleans and Meschiya healing and rebuilding in parallel, rising gracefully from the ashes of tragedy.